Amazing Echo Show 5 Charcoal Bundle with Blink Mini 2nd Gen

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The Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen) – Charcoal Bundle with Blink Mini offers a versatile combination of a smart display and home security camera. This bundle not only adds convenience to your daily tasks through the Echo Show 5’s touchscreen capabilities but also ensures your home’s security with the Blink Mini’s advanced features. With the power to monitor, communicate, and control, this bundle exemplifies Amazon’s commitment to enhancing the smart home experience.

In the rapidly evolving world of smart technology, Amazon has consistently remained at the forefront with its innovative devices. The Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen), released in 2021, is no exception. Paired with the Blink Mini, this bundle offers an enticing combination of smart display and home security, elevating the convenience and safety of your living space. In this article, we delve into the features and benefits of the Echo Show 5 and Blink Mini bundle, exploring how it can transform your daily life.

The Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen): A Compact Smart Display

The Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen) takes the concept of a smart speaker to the next level by integrating a 5.5-inch touchscreen display. This compact device packs a punch, offering a range of features that streamline your daily routine.

1. Visual Assistant at Your Fingertips

The touchscreen display enables a more interactive experience. From checking the weather forecast and reading news headlines to setting reminders and managing your calendar, the Echo Show 5 combines visual and voice interfaces seamlessly.

2. Seamless Smart Home Control

With its compatibility with a wide array of smart home devices, the Echo Show 5 becomes a central hub for controlling your connected ecosystem. Dim the lights, adjust the thermostat, and even lock your smart door locks with a simple touch or voice command.

3. Video Calls and Entertainment

The device’s built-in camera makes video calls effortless. Stay connected with family and friends using popular video calling apps. Moreover, the Echo Show 5 lets you stream videos, movies, and TV shows from various platforms, turning it into a miniature entertainment center.

Blink Mini Your Watchful Home Guardian

1. Compact and Discreet

The Blink Mini is a compact indoor security camera that seamlessly blends with your home decor. Its unobtrusive design makes it an ideal addition to any room, allowing you to monitor your space without compromising aesthetics.

2. High-Definition Clarity

Equipped with 1080p HD resolution, the Blink Mini provides sharp and clear video footage. Whether you’re checking in on your pets, monitoring the baby’s nursery, or ensuring your home’s security, the camera’s quality ensures you won’t miss a detail.

3. Motion Detection and Two-Way Audio

The motion detection feature sends alerts to your smartphone whenever activity is detected, enhancing the camera’s effectiveness as a security device. Additionally, the two-way audio functionality lets you communicate with people or pets in your home through the camera, even when you’re not physically present.

The Perfect Symbiosis Echo Show 5 and Blink Mini Bundle

1. Enhanced Security Monitoring

When paired with the Blink Mini, the Echo Show 5 turns into a comprehensive security monitoring system. Access the live feed from your Blink Mini camera directly on the Echo Show 5’s display. Monitor your home with ease, switch between different camera views, and even set up routines that display the camera feed when motion is detected.

2. Visual Doorbell Feature

Integrate the Blink Mini with your front door area to create a makeshift visual doorbell. See who’s at the door through the Echo Show 5’s display and communicate with visitors using the two-way audio feature. This adds an extra layer of security and convenience to your home.

3. Streamlined Control

Control both the Echo Show 5 and Blink Mini using voice commands, creating a seamless experience. Easily toggle between the Echo Show’s features and the Blink Mini’s live feed without lifting a finger.

Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen) – Charcoal

The Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen) is a compact and stylish smart display that adds a visual dimension to your interactions with Alexa, Amazon’s voice-controlled virtual assistant. With its 5.5-inch touchscreen, the Charcoal variant presents a sleek, modern appearance that complements any home décor.

This device acts as a hub for your smart home, allowing you to effortlessly control compatible devices such as lights, thermostats, and door locks with simple touch or voice commands. The Echo Show 5 provides visual feedback, enhancing the utility of Alexa by displaying weather forecasts, news updates, to-do lists, and calendars. It also serves as an entertainment center, enabling you to stream videos, movies, and music services with impressive audio quality.

Moreover, the Echo Show 5 facilitates communication with friends and family through video calls, thanks to its integrated camera. Its compact size makes it an ideal addition to small spaces like kitchens, bedside tables, or office desks.

Blink Mini

The Blink Mini, included in the bundle, is an indoor security camera that prioritizes both functionality and discretion. This compact camera boasts 1080p HD resolution, delivering clear and detailed video footage of your indoor spaces. Its unobtrusive design allows it to blend seamlessly into your home environment, ensuring it doesn’t disrupt your interior aesthetics.

Equipped with motion detection technology, the Blink Mini sends instant alerts to your smartphone when it detects movement, providing an additional layer of security and peace of mind. The two-way audio feature enables real-time communication with anyone within the camera’s vicinity, making it useful for keeping an eye on pets, kids, or simply communicating with household members.

More Info

  • Blink Mini and Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen) – Charcoal are both included in this combo.
  • With Alexa at your disposal, you can easily see your day. Using just your voice, you can set alarms and timers, check your calendar or the news, conduct video calls using the 2 MP camera, and stream music or entertainment.
  • Add Alexa to your bedside and use the routine that gradually turns on compatible lights to ease you into the day. Alternately, listen to your favourite music while getting daily news update and weather prediction.
  • Manage your smart home – Use the built-in camera to check in while you’re gone. Utilise the interactive display, your voice, or your motion to control compatible devices including cameras, lighting, and more.
  • Connect with video calling – Call loved ones who have the Alexa app or an Echo device with a screen by using the 2 MP camera.
  • Send messages to your home’s other compatible devices.
  • Enjoy yourself by asking Alexa to play TV series and films from Netflix, Prime Video, and other services. Or listen to your favourite songs on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and other services.
  • Display pictures on (smart) devices – You may use Amazon Photos to transform your home screen into a digital picture frame.
  • Amazon is not in the business of selling your personal information to third parties; this policy is designed to preserve your privacy. built-in microphone/camera off button and built-in camera shutter are just two of the many layers of privacy restrictions.

Alexa Has Silks

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Alexa for Kid and Family

Designed to Protect Your Privacy

Technical details

Size5.8” x 3.4” x 2.9” (148mm x 86mm x 73mm)
Weight14.5 oz (410 grams) Actual size and weight may vary by manufacturing process
Display5.5” touch screen
Camera2 MP camera with built-in shutter (Photo quality/size may vary)
WiFi connectivityDual-band wifi supports 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi networks. Does not support connecting to ad-hoc (or peer-to-peer) wifi networks.
Bluetooth connectivityAdvanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) support for audio streaming from your mobile device to Echo Show 5 or from Echo Show 5 to your Bluetooth speaker. Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) for voice control of connected mobile devices. Hands-free voice control is not supported for Mac OS X devices. Bluetooth speakers requiring PIN codes are not supported.
AudioFull range 1.65” built-in speaker.
System requirementsEcho Show 5 comes ready to connect to your WiFi. The Alexa app is compatible with Fire OS, Android, and iOS devices and also accessible via your web browser. Supported operating systems. Certain skills and services may require subscription or other fees.
Setup technologyAmazon WiFi simple setup enables customers to connect smart devices to their WiFi network in a few easy steps. WiFi simple setup is another way Alexa is always getting smarter. Learn more about frustration-free setup.
ProcessorMediaTek MT 8163
Accessibility featuresTo enable features that personalize Alexa to your abilities, go to Settings → Accessibility.
• Tap to Alexa enables access to Alexa via touch, instead of speech, through on-screen tiles or a keyboard, including the ability to save your favorite actions.
• Adaptive Listening provides customers more time to finish speaking before Alexa responds.
• Preferred Speaking Rate enables customers to control how fast or slow Alexa speaks.
• Alexa Captioning, Call Captioning, and Closed Captioning provide text captions in any mode for supported content.
• Show and Tell helps customers who are blind or visually impaired identify products when you say “Alexa, what am I holding.”
• VoiceView screen reader enables access for customers who are blind or visually impaired.
• Screen Magnifier enables customers to zoom in/out, and pan around the screen.
• Notify When Nearby will play notification sounds when you’re detected near your Echo device.
• Kindle Read Aloud will have Alexa read your Kindle books aloud.
• Real Time Text enables customers to type live text in a video call.
• Alexa Accessibility features also include settings for Color Inversion, Color Correction, Request Sound and more.
Warranty and Service1-year limited warranty and service included. Optional 1-year2-year, and 3-year extended warranty available for U.S. customers sold separately. Use of Echo Show 5 is subject to these terms.
Included in the BoxEcho Show 5, Glacier White power adapter (15W)/cable (4.9 ft.) and quick start guide.
GenerationEcho Show 5 (2nd Gen) – 2021 release
Privacy FeaturesWake word technology, streaming indicators, microphone/camera off button, built-in camera shutter, the ability to view and delete your voice recordings, and more. Visit the Alexa Privacy Hub to explore how Alexa and Echo devices are designed to protect your privacy.
LanguageAlexa speaks English and Spanish
Software Security UpdatesThis device receives guaranteed software security updates until at least four years after the device is last available for purchase as a new unit on our websites. Learn more about these software security updates. If you already own an Amazon Echo, visit Manage Your Content and Devices for information specific to your device.
Smart Home Device CompatibilityWiFi, Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh, and Matter
Amazon SidewalkA shared network that helps compatible devices work better at home and beyond the front door. If wifi is lost, Sidewalk enables certain devices to stay connected. Also, Sidewalk helps devices like water sprinklers and pet locators work over longer distances. Sidewalk uses a small portion of your internet bandwidth to provide these benefits to you and your neighbors via Sidewalk Bridges (participating Echo and Ring devices), and is turned on for your device unless you have previously turned off the setting. You can turn off Sidewalk at any time. Learn more

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